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Dr Monique Chavannes

Homoeopathic practitioner

M.Tech (Hom) UJ


Homoeopathy is a holistic healing modality that considers the whole person in order to treat her/him. This is done by taking into consideration a person’s mental, emotional and physical symptoms.

Homoeopathy derives from the Greek words “homoeo”, meaning “similar”, and “pathos”, meaning “suffering”. The main principle of homoeopathy is “similia similibus curantur” which means “let likes be treated by likes”.

Homoeopathy can be used in the treatment of both acute and chronic conditions. The homoeopathic medicines are non-addictive and non-toxic. They are safe to use for children and during pregnancy.


Not only are the physical symptoms taken into account, but also the general, emotional and mental symptoms.




Meaning of my Logo
The Vesica Piscis is an ascent symbol used in sacred geometry. This symbol has the meaning of balance and creation.
This logo represents the balance of health and life.
Like Dr Hahnemann (the founder of homoeopathy) states:
‘The physicians high and only mission, is to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it is termed.’

What is Biopuncture and how does it work?
Biopuncture is a therapy in which injections are given (subcutaneous, intra-dermal or intra-muscular) in specific areas or points of the body. The main aim of biopuncture is to support and restore the body’s healing processes (primarily by regulating inflammatory processes and detoxification) and this stimulates natural healing. The injectables are composed of low dilution homoeopathic remedies, vitamins, minerals and botanical substances. Biopuncture is considered a safe form of therapy, as toxic side effects are very unlikely because of the diluted nature of the products.
Biopuncture is primarily used in the treatment of acute or chronic musculoskeletal complaints, however it can be used to treat non-musculoskeletal disorders, it may also assist in inflammatory conditions.

All homoeopathic remedies are dispensed from my practice.